• Family Nurse Practitioner - Rene Steinhauer has been working in emergency medicine since 1992.  He started his career as a California Paramedic.  In 1999, Rene became a registered nurse in the emergency department while continuing to work as a paramedic.  His unusual career allowed him to practice medicine on all seven continents.  In 2017, Rene graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a master’s degree in nursing and license as a family nurse practitioner.  Rene continues to work as a family nurse practitioner in the emergency department.
  • International Nurse Leader - Rene had been a team leader of medical teams across the globe.  He has managed international disaster teams with Remote Area Medical and other international NGOs.  These experiences have been in some of the most challenging disasters of our time including the Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti Earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.  Rene utilized that leadership experience to develop his master’s thesis regarding nursing leadership.  
  • Author - Rene Steinhauer has authored two books and numerous articles in magazines as well as peer reviewed journals.  Rene’s most recent memoir Saving Jimani; Life and Death in the Haiti Earthquake continues to receive high praise on Amazon.com.  Rene continues to write on the subject of nursing leadership and is a frequent contributor to the STTI online magazine Reflections on Nursing Leadership.

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