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- Rene Steinhauer

What the Readers are Saying

In a moving personal narrative, Rene Steinhauer portrays the daunting challenge of providing medical care for people injured in the Haitian earthquake of 2010. Steinhauer is a nurse and medic, with experience in emergency medicine and as a volunteer in many international disasters. He describes well the chaos, suffering and confusion that confronted volunteer medical personnel arriving five days after the earthquake at a small medical clinic in the Dominican Republic near the border with Haiti. The clinic was a microcosm of the post-earthquake nightmare, with hundreds of severely injured people and their families seeking care. Steinhauer clearly conveys the importance of organizing response efforts under incident command, the critical need for triage, and the challenges of coordinating international volunteer medical teams. He allows the reader to feel the raw emotions of the caregivers and the suffering of the casualties. He shares his perspective as incident commander and the challenges of making life and death decisions under extreme conditions. The story is compelling and instructive for all who choose to volunteer their help in a catastrophic disaster.

Max Learner, Ph.D.
Program Director for Emergency Management
Columbia College


“Haiti Hearts is an amazing account of the challenges you and other healthcare volunteers faced while serving the sick and injured in the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters to hit the region. The book sends a powerful message of hope. I couldn't put it down. It brought out every possible emotion. Thank you!”

- Larry Rodriguez

“Though a true story, it reads like a fictional story with both plot and character development. Could be an AMC mini-series.”

- David Parsons