Steinhauer's Dynamic Nursing leadership Theory

Three types of ledership for all types of situations:

This is an evidence based leadership theory developed in 2017 that utilizes three types of leadership to manage multiple aspects within the nursing envrionment including disaster management

  • Evidence Based
  • Appropriate for COVID 19
  • Balanced approach 
  • Modern Leadership

Transformational Leadership - Autocratic Leadership - Laissez-faire Leadership

Dynamic Nursing Leadership Theory addresses five specific nursing situations that cover the most common areas of nursing.  These areas are:

1.     Patient Care Activities

2.     Professional Development

3.     Crisis Management

4.     Safety Culture

5.     Organizational Management

Dynamic Nursing Leadership Theropy looks at these areas of nursing responsibility and provides a suggestion of two types of leadership that are likely to be effective for the specific area, and one type of leadership that may be ineffective or harmful in each of the areas listed above.  These situations are managed with the appropriate use of one of three types of nursing leadership:

1.     Transformational Leadership

2.      Autocratic Leadership

3.     Laissez-faire Leadership