Arieal View of Jimani

A Google Earth view of Jimani. The photo was taken near the end of the disaster. The white building on the left is the orphanage. The small dots seen above the orphanage are patient beds of those who refused to return to the orphanage after the aftershock. The square white building on the left was the surgical center. Two Blackhawk helicopters can be seen in the landing zone.

Author, Rene Steinhauer sits with a young child who has just been triaged as “non-salvageable.”

Nurse, Danya Swanson takes a moment with a child who has just received surgery.

Author, Rene Steinhauer, shields the eyes of a child from the dust kicked up by an evacuation helicopter. The child required evacuation to a hospital in the Dominican Republic.

A strong aftershock hit Jimani and caused mass panic among the patients. Most evacuated the orphanage and refused to return inside the building. Here a nurse works at night to provide care to one of the hundreds of patients in a dirt field.

Hundreds of patients litter the field outside of the orphanage in the evening following the aftershock.

Dr. Ross Isaacs places a chest tube in man suffering from a tension pneumothorax. Notice the doctor is completing this while kneeling on a cement floor. This chest tube saved the life of the Haitian man.

Author, Rene Steinhauer, evaluates burns suffered by Eric Louis in the Haiti Earthquake.